Dramatics improvements in your physical well-being and self confidence.
  Expected results when you
complete camp are:
3-5% reduction in body fat
Drop 6-12 pounds in four weeks
Get tighter, flatter, sexier abs
Firmer arms, thighs and butt
Look and feel ten years younger
Increase energy and stamina
Fun energizing indoor / outdoor workouts
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People of all ages, shapes, experience and fitness levels will achieve great results. Whether you are new to fitness or a vet this is an experience you do not want to miss! Don't worry, you will NOT be left behind at any point. You choose your activity level and push yourself to YOUR limits! One thing is for sure, after the 4 weeks is over, you WILL see an improvement overall. Don't get stuck in a gym paying lots of money and dreading the work-outs. Come outdoors with us for a fraction of the price and enjoy the fresh air and fun environment!

Alan Courtenay
Alan is the CEO/FOUNDER of NYC Boot Camps. He has taught fitness to adults and children for the last 7 years. Six of those years were under the supervision of the Board of Education in New York City.

In the last 10 years, Alan has coached after-school programs and spearheaded several neighborhood Fitness Day Events in Brooklyn, NY.

Actively, he has participated in basketball camps and semi-pro leagues in the states of New York, New Jersey, and California.

Throughout his professional tenure, Alan had the opportunity of participating with well known coaches such as Pee Wee Kirkland, Ray Haskins and Kevin Boyle.

It was through these experiences that motivated Alan to want to help individuals- like yourself- change their dietary and fitness habits so that you may attain the positive and healthy results you are looking for.

Most people agree that health is important- especially their own. Yet, almost one-half of all deaths in the United States are primarily due to unhealthy behavior (Coon, pg. 339)**.

That is why Alan's personal commitment to fitness and you has also extended to possessing credits in the field of Psychology. A trainer who has the proficiency in Psychology understands that health-promoting behaviors include practices such as “getting regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, and managing stress” (Coon, pg. 340)**.

Using the mechanisms of your body from the inside to the outside, aids Alan in creating the perfect fitness plan structured uniquely for your lifestyle as it pertains to combating your own diseases and/or preserving your mental stability.

If you are looking for a trainer who is well-seasoned, energetic, innovative, and flexible in improving your quality of your life; then you have come to the right site.

Alan Courtenay is a Recipient of the 2014 High Impact Trainer of The Year Award. Alan was voted one of the top trainers in the Tri-State Area out of 100+ Gym locations!

1. MS- Exercise Science
2. BS- Exercise Physiology

1. 8 Years Experience Teaching Fitness Classes and Private Training
2. NASM Certified Personal Trainer
3 Certified Phys Ed. Teacher
4 . Certified Pre/Post Natal
5 . Certified CPR/ AED
6 . Core Conditioning Specialist
7 . Sports Conditioning Specialist
8. Weight Loss Specialist
9 . Senior Fitness Training
10. Sports Injury Specialist

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