Dramatics improvements in your physical well-being and self confidence.
  Expected results when you
complete camp are:
3-5% reduction in body fat
Drop 6-12 pounds in four weeks
Get tighter, flatter, sexier abs
Firmer arms, thighs and butt
Look and feel ten years younger
Increase energy and stamina
Fun energizing indoor / outdoor workouts
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What do we do?
NYC Boot Camps is a four week outdoor program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training. You will be inspired and have fun while participating in a fantastic workout led by Certified NYC Fitness Trainers. Each day, camp will be one hour in length either in the morning or evening, depending on which camp you choose to do.

What if I'm not very fit?
NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged! Women or Men of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Each day will slightly increase in intensity. You will inspire and be inspired by others.

Will you be opening camps in any other locations?
Yes, we will! Upcoming camp locations include Battery Park, Coney Island, and Prospect Park.

How often do we meet?
Campers meet Monday through Friday for one hour each day during the four-week program. All campers will be expected to arrive on time!

What do I need to bring?
An exercise mat, small hand weights either 5lbs or 8lbs, water bottle, running shoes, and a sense of adventure! The best price for hand weights and mats is Modells or any sports equipment store. Running shoes may be bought at any Foot Lockers or any athletic shoe store.

What can I achieve from camp?
Your body will become more fit and toned, and you will gain more confidence making a dramatic improvement in your physical well-being. The camp program includes exercises designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce body fat and increase stamina. By losing fat and gaining muscle, you'll lose inches and gain strength while looking and feeling better. Also, you'll meet great people who share in the same vision of striving to reach their goals for a healthier mind and body.

What else will I get?
Every camper will receive a Nutrition & Motivational Seminar, Gift Pack with sponsored goodies and Welcome Package.

Why should I participate?
You will experience a dramatic improvement in your physical and mental well-being while enjoying the outdoors in a motivating team environment. In addition, you will meet great people who share your same passion for acquiring a more healthy body and mind. If you join our early morning classes, you'll be able to finish with you training before the rest of the city has even gotten started!

What is the cost (investment in myself)?
Each four-week boot camp has a registration fee of $1.00. That's twenty hours of instruction! It averages out between $15 to $20.00 per session. Where else can you get premiere or cutting edge fitness instruction for that incredible price? Prices may vary at certain locations.

Other options:
You can also choose to train three days per week. Note: Even greater results occur when you enroll in the full 5 day per week programs.

We are now accepting registrations for the next camp. Once we receive your registration, you will get an email or call from us with further information.

What you can expect:

o Drop 6-12 pounds in four weeks
o Get tighter, flatter, sexier abs
o Firmer arms, thighs and butt
o Look and feel ten years younger
o Increase energy and stamina
o Fun energizing indoor/ outdoor workouts

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